Land Ahoy

As you approach her sparkling shores take a deep restorative breath and exhale slowly

Scents of red earth, tropical foliage and sea spray fill the air

You are welcomed with a fruity mocktail and crowned with a wreath of fresh tropical flowers

These are the moments you have dreamt about

Paradise found

You walk barefoot through the eco resort

Pathways lined with palm and fruit trees

The entire Island solar powered and self-sufficient

Your bungalow overlooks the water and you bathe under the stars

Sunrise yoga, mountain hikes and waterfall swims fill your days

At one with nature

Body and soul nourished

Resolute – this is how life should feel

Simple. Connected. Purposeful

You’re ready to integrate this new way of being

Reality awaits

But not before you pocket a few souvenirs

Scooping up the last of your room’s toiletries

You’ll be using every last drop of these beauties

Better yet, can you get this brand back home?

What’s their name… oh of course

Desert Island Essentials!

Meet the Founder | Desert Island Essentials | Kate

Meet the founder

Who loves an overnight success story?...Unfortunately that's not our founding story, it’s been a long time in the making...

Our founder, Kate Ellis, a frustrated soulpreneur desperately craved purpose and impact.  A passionate environmental activist with a growing addiction to natural skincare, for which she blames a combination of aging, motherhood, being a Dietitian and the 2020 millennial induction to TikTok, she conjured Desert Island Essentials in the height of COVID-19 pandemic.

Kate says, ‘The brand name came to me as I imagined a tropical island escape with my girlfriends (sans toddler). Swinging on hammocks, whilst being waited on by pool attendants delivering bottomless Pina Colada’s.’

Kate had envisaged a self-care brand that created bare necessities, items you’d need and want on a ‘desert island’, products that were natural, evidence-based but also utilitarian (how very millennial working mum) without compromising luxury. Frustrated by the deceitful and gimmicky use of the word ‘sustainable’, the lack of real care factor and the boring ‘eco’ beige branding in the industry. Desert Island Essentials was born - eco, end to end ethical, luxurious and sustainable. With a mission to be a catalyst for action, a pattern disrupt that inspires women to put the planet first, so that our children inherit a healthy Earth.

Desert Island Essentials Belly & Body Oil is only the beginning…. Read about our commitments here