Can I use Belly & Body Oil if I’m not pregnant?

A big emphatic YES or course! Our Belly & Body oil is made for skin, all skin, your skin. In fact, once you use Desert Island Essentials Belly & Body Oil we promise you won’t look back.

When do I need to start applying Belly & Body Oil?

Whenever you like. If you start applying early in pregnancy you can begin creating a beautiful ritual - connecting you with your baby and your changing body. Remember you can use your oil as an all over body moisturiser too.

How long does it take to see results?


Use Desert Island Essentials Belly & Body Oil twice daily for 2-3 months for maximum results. Please note, outcomes will depend on your skin type and the skin condition you are using the product for.

Do I need to apply Belly & Body Oil to damp skin?

Yes and No. Applying your Belly & Body oil to damp skin, say after a shower and a quick towel-off, will help the product absorb easier. So whilst it's not necessary, it certainly improves absorption.

What does it smell like?

We don’t add fragrance or essential oils to our Belly and Body Oil. Mostly because we just couldn’t resist the natural, sweet yet subtle strawberry scent of Strawberry Seed Oil. However, if you prefer a stronger smelling body product you can add your own essential oils, in the appropriate dilution (just ensure they are safe to use during pregnancy).

Is this product safe to use during pregnancy?

We go out of our way to ensure our products are safe and as close to their natural source as possible. It is always recommended you speak to a health professional to discuss your specific needs.

Can I eat it?

We know it smells that good but Desert Island Essentials Belly & Body Oil is for external use only.

If you have nut, tree nut of strawberry allergies you’d best speak to your medical professional before applying to your skin.

How can I recycle my packaging?

We’re glad you asked. Please re-use or re-purpose as much as possible. Otherwise you can dispose of cardboard packaging in your home compost or recycling and your bottle dropper can be dropped off to your nearest TerraCycle recycling partner.

Clear bottles, hmmm?

You’re right to be concerned, sunlight and heat can diminish the antioxidant content of your product. So we recommend to keep your bottle away from direct sunlight and if possible in a dark cool space. Car glove box, beach bags and bathrooms with gigantic ceiling sky lights are a nay.

Is Desert Island Essentials Belly & Body Oil Organic?

Certified organic ingredients are best practice agriculture. It is important to note, however, organic certifications vary from country to country, meaning there is no consistency in regulations and standards.  The cost of certification is often out of reach for small scale growers too. Organic also means compromising the ingredients origin and freshness. So instead, we prioritise locally grown, high quality and clean ingredients that are grown without the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, are cold pressed and tested for purity.

Do you take telephone orders?

At this stage we are operating online only. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, not yet. We plan to very soon but need to learn to walk before - you know… jogging.