Prioritise Health. The health of the planet and that of it’s people are intrinsically linked. It is our upmost priority. We purposefully choose potent natural ingredients that are evidence based and proven safe for pregnancy and beyond. Equally our products are purposely designed to minimise their environmental footprint.

On that note, a little word on organic ingredients. Certified organic ingredients are best practice agriculture. It is important to note, however, the cost of certification is often out of reach for small scale growers. Organic can also mean compromising the ingredients origin and freshness. So instead, where possible we prioritise Australian grown, high quality and ‘clean’ ingredients - that are grown without the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides and tested for purity.

Building community. Together we can achieve great things. Despite our interconnected online lives we are increasingly isolated from community. We strive to create real connection online and in person. We look forward to creating spaces to gather in the near future.

We are proud supporters of Australian Sandalwood Oil which is 50% Indigenous owned and distillery profits fund remote community projects and generate employment.

Listening and sharing learnings. We are committed to life-long learning, critical analysis and have a deep reverence of the knowledge shared by indigenous people worldwide.

Advocacy. We will use our platform and privilege to raise the awareness of inequality. We lend our bodies to protests, we speak up, engage in politics and with decision makers and ask that (if you can) you do it too.

Transparency. We are honest and open. Our claims are evidence based. We communicate with integrity and respect. We source ethically. We prioritise sourcing directly from growers and ensure our ingredients are only sourced from suppliers where the origin, farming, processing and handling has been disclosed and seek current ethical trade certifications. We are Cruelty Free and ensure our ingredient suppliers do not test on animals either.

Responsible Environmental Impact. Our standards are high and we refuse to compromise our planet and people for profit. We aspire to be wayshowers for the beauty industry. We actively seek to reduce our direct environmental impact in three ways;

One: Sustainable Ingredients

  • Australian grown ingredients. This supports local agriculture and reduces carbon emissions of transportation of ingredients.
  • Minimal irrigation - when our water is so precious we need to move away from thirsty agriculture and crops (*cough*almond trees/oils) for beauty purposes!
  • No chemical fertilisers or pesticides
  • Carbon sequestering or carbon negative crops (ie. Jojoba)
  • Cold pressed is prioritised, meaning no chemicals are used to process the botanical products, which can otherwise leach into waterways.
  • Preference given to post consumer, zero-waste and by-product options (ie. our Strawberry Seed Oil is a by-product of jam and juice manufacturing).

    Two: Eco Packaging

    • Purposefully designed minimalist packaging that eliminates a need for both a mailer box and product box.
    • FSC certified 100% recycled card, soy based-ink with no adhesives.
    • Locally manufactured in Brisbane, Australia – this reduces our carbon footprint for distribution considerably.
    • Home compostable or recyclable card and absorbent material.
    • Instead of packing peanuts we use an all-natural and non-toxic foam, made from 97% basalt mineral rock fibres, bound with a sugar. You can dispose in home compost or better yet, add some extra nutrition to your fiddle leaf– just wet and crumble in. It will also break down in landfill. Avoid inhaling fibre dust and please wash hands after use.
    • Our glass bottles are re-usable and recyclable. Those pesky plastic droppers though, please know they’re on our radar... In the meantime, you can recycle them with TerraCycle.

    Three: Carbon Neutral Distribution

    Within Australia we use Australia post, a carbon neutral postal service. We source our ingredients and packaging as locally as possible, for us that’s Brisbane to also reduce carbon emissions of their transportation.

    Sustainability Plan


    • Become 1% for the planet members
    • Launch a 100ml or 150ml refill option and recycling ‘take-back’ scheme
    • Identify bottle dropper alternatives


    • Measure Desert Island Essentials carbon footprint and become carbon neutral through offset measures.
    • Pursue Australian Strawberry Seed Oil distillation options and work with local farming and manufacturing partners to use waste product to produce a 100% Australian ingredient and made product.