Ingredients Glossary

Do you remember the last time you looked at the ingredients lists on your beauty products? It’s quite the concoction...

Women apply 168 chemicals (on average) to their skin every day. 

It’s time we uncomplicated our beauty regime, no more unnecessary synthetic or petrochemical ingredients on or in our body. 

This is why Desert Island Essentials only use 4 ingredients in our Belly and Body Oil.

  • 100% natural and grown with no pesticides or sprays.
  • Intentionally formulated to meet the demands of growing skin during pregnancy and beyond. 

If we're the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with, let us introduce you to your new highly worthy bff’s

Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis) Oil

Jojoba is your glowy, happy, thoughtful, card writing, ‘heya with a sun emoji ’ text for no reason, first person to wish you a happy birthday friend. She’s actually the best but often taken for granted. She’s brimming with goodness (essential fatty acids, powerful antioxidants and vitamin A, D and E). But don’t cross her – she can throw some killer shade (mostly at free radicals and wolf whistler’s). She’s never dull or boring and her stories are guaranteed to brighten your day. She’ll lean into conversations, all attentive, her gaze penetrating your soul (and skin but you know that’s obvious). Then she’ll drop you off and wait for you to get safely inside, the ultimate wing-gal protector, lucky you! She’s a keeper this Jojo.

Strawberry (Fragaria Ananassa) Seed Oil 

Think Eastern European TikTok make-up contouring vixen. Equal parts Daquiri and lip-smacker minus the artificial flavours and preservatives. But don’t be fooled, she’s actually a natural beauty (from 9pm-9am Mon-Friday). She’s vibrant and fun, the life of the party. Brightening the room with her sweet and playful scent and leaving nothing in the tank, zero waste in fact. She can charm the itchy and irritated, soothing with the lightest touch. You’ll never guess her real age – she’s the master of collagen preservation, an antioxidant UV damage repairing powerhouse. A tiny yet fierce force of nature with a bouncy stride and a firm ‘yes I’m a strong feminine women and don’t mistake my joie de vivre with reckless frivolity’ handshake.

Sandalwood (Santalum Spicatum) Seed Oil

Sandy deserves a billboard in lights but she prefers a low key fanfare. She’s an au naturel, down-to-earth, high achiever from the Aussie bush - winner of the 2019 United Nations Equatorial Prize actually. She’s not fazed by much, hot humid weather, insects, being mistaken for her sister (the essential oil), space invading Airbnb hosts who can’t take a hint (3 native ‘host’ trees are planted per sandalwood tree). She’ll be right. She’s easy breezy on the surface, but once you know her, you’ll uncover she’s a deep thinking intellectual and old soul. She smiles with her eyes and her distinctive laugh turns heads. She’ll hurtle towards you and squeeze you tight, stopping time (enlarged pores, distention and discolouration while she’s at it). Sandy likes to talk, but never gossip, it’s always BIG visions and future dreams. Her presence makes you feel grounded and inspired to take action for a better world.

Vitamin E (Tocopherol Acetate)

You know and love her already, everyone does. Your ride or die. She’s the first to arrive and last to leave. A self-declared groupie who befriends you in an instant. Her calming (anti-inflammatory) aura is magnetic. She’s the ultimate diplomat too, her friendships never go rancid (oxidise). A lover, not a fighter, unless it comes to free radicals – working her magic on them with ease and smoothing tensions (and skin) effortlessly.