How do you use Belly & Body Oil?

The beauty therapist is waiting, as you wander blissfully out of your treatment room. 

Breezily she asks, "how are you feeling after your treatments ?"

"Do you have any plans for your evening on the Island?...

"Before you head off I wanted to give you a brief explanation of the products I used today"

Then without drawing a breath she continues...

"For your massage, I used our gorgeous Belly & Body Oil."

"It’s a multi-tasking, skin nourishing, Earth-conscious blend of plant oils (84% Australian ingredients)."

"It’s 100% Natural, has no petrochemicals, is cruelty-free, vegan, and has no added fragrance."

"Australian Jojoba melts into the skin, moisturising and leaving no sticky residue."

"Strawberry Seed oil brightens and reduces irritations."

"Sandalwood Seed oil (not to be confused with the essential oil) is a potent anti-inflammatory, increasing microcirculation."

It’s the perfect non-comedogenic combination for growing and aging skin. Designed intentionally for pregnancy and beyond."

At this point, you’ve tuned in and out a few times - part information overload, part relaxation. And now the beauty therapist is staring, smiling, wondering if you listened to anything she has just said.

"You know the ingredients are all sustainably sourced and look at this beautiful 100% recycled card box" – she adds.

Ca-ching – the magic of bliss buying


In case you weren't already sold - here are 8 additional uses for Desert Island Essentials Belly & Body Oil

Desert Island Essentials Belly and Body oil is the Queen of multitasking and can replace multiple products. Using products that are multipurpose, considerably reduces the amount of waste - a growing problem in the beauty industry. 

1. Create ritual, connecting and nourishing your growing body

2. Apply over scar tissue (check with your health professional for timing)

3. For shaving rash or on ingrown hairs

4. As an oil cleanser - apply to dry skin and remove with a warm face cloth

5. For makeup removal (as above - avoid eye contact)

6. As a cuticle oil 

7. Add to a warm bath 

8. On split ends as a hair serum