A Battle Cry for our Planet


When you slow right down. When you pause long enough. After the cicada's fade and your pulse steadies, you can feel her. It takes practice but she's there. Humming the rhythm of life inside and around you. 

Her name is Lady Gaia – goddess, Earth and home,
She lives in you and we in her - a magnificent green and blue biome.
Trees to breathe, water to drink, and soil to grow our food,
We are grateful for her gifts and the way she lifts our mood.
She beats her energy throughout all things, her thrum is alive,
She sparkles and glistens then darkens and dims from dusk to sunrise.
She is bright and colourful, bold and wild – truly a sight to behold,
But if we look a little closer, there are stories yet untold.
Her rainforests and oceans now need us more than ever,
Her coral reefs and ancient trees are our greatest treasure.
Close your eyes, breathe in her scent imagine how she’s feeling,
You know her wisdom - for it is yours, so trust your inner healing.
In her grass, trees, flowers and fruits there live some special potions,
Another of Gaia’s great offerings – a botanical bouquet of beauty lotions.
Take a moment to create a zen-like calm, a ritualistic self-care service,
Apply her both day and night, pressing into your epidermis.
Lady Gaia will love on you – skin glowy, bright and proud,
Please embrace her glory and sing her praise out loud.
For when you squeeze Gaia tight and trust her full potential,
It becomes you, dear one, that will keep her safe - YOU make the world essential!


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