The Biggest I’ve Ever Been

You step into your first yoga class since arriving at Desert Island Eco Retreat.

The setting sun lights the room ablaze. The golden glow creating a silhouette of the yoga instructor who is sitting serenely, legs crossed.

You take a seat on the cushion provided and notice a journal beside you. It’s beautiful – like everything here.

Its probably made from a sustainably grown palm tree, or the like – you think to yourself.

Not yet ready to assume the meditation position and too intrigued by the note on top of the journal, you pick it up. It reads;


Hi, I wrote something for you. Every time you compare, judge or obsess please let these words swoon inside you. May your tears saturate you in compassion and flood you in awe. You are beautiful xx

‘This is the Biggest I’ve ever been!’

Whispered the heart to its lover

The soul to the joyous

The universe to the newborn

‘This is the Biggest I’ve ever been!’

Called the seedling to the tree

The sunflower to the sun

The full moon to your eye

The tide to the shore

‘This is the Biggest I’ve ever been!’

Boasted the volcano to the mountains

The toddler to the wall

The followed to the followers

‘This is the Biggest I’ve ever been!’

Triumphed the tolerant

Conquered the courageous

Embraced the changing

Swooned the loved

'This is the Biggest I’ve ever been'

Smiled the women to the body


Written by Kate Ellis


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