Sandalwood Seed Oil - They said it was too luxe for your body - we disagreed!

‘Be good to your skin, you’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life’ ~ Renee Rouleau

The growth and transformation of skin during pregnancy is remarkable. We wanted to honour this miracle, nourishing the skin whilst it does its thing. 

So we made a 100% natural belly & body oil with luxury ingredients - often used in face serums, because, our skin doesn’t stop at our face, our bodies deserve that same luxury too!

One of these Superstar ingredients, with ever-increasing amounts of research and published studies is sandalwood seed oil (not to be confused with the essential oil).  

Sandalwood seed oil contains the rare and unusual fatty acid called, Ximenyic Acid. It has been shown to have vasodilatation and anti-inflammatory effects which increase the microvascular circulation in the skin. Sandalwood seed oil also reduces distension and pigmentation and firms the skin.

The oil-rich sandalwood seed kernels have been used by the Aboriginal communities in Western Australia as medicine. Crushed kernels were either chewed or cooked before applying to skin lesions, bruises and aching joints

The Desert Island Essentials sandalwood seed oil is sourced from a Western Australian distillery which is 50% indigenous owned. Profits are circulated back into the community, providing employment and funding projects. This business was awarded the United Nations Equatorial Prize in 2019.

Furthermore, the trees are grown without irrigation, saving water and distilled without the use of chemicals. And for every one sandalwood tree, three host trees are planted nearby to ensure the sustainability of the plantation.

We're privileged and really excited to formulate with Australian sandalwood seed oil and look forward to hearing your love for her too.