Myth: Stretch Marks Can Be Prevented

False claims are not our jam. We like jam on toast (chia and berry on multigrain sourdough specifically) and beauty claims straight up, evidence based and inclusive.

So here's 3 things you need to know about stretch marks...

  1. They're common. It is estimated that as many as 90% of women have stretch marks - whether you’re pregnant or not! Also, up to 40% of men get them too
  2. Stretch marks can be genetic
  3. Stretch marks are formed when the skin's support system, collagen, is stretched during times of growth (puberty, pregnancy, weight fluctuations). This happens deep under the lower layers or dermis, internally, making topical creams and oil redundant! Nothing penetrates deep enough to prevent stretch marks from forming.

For these reasons, we will not ever claim our product/s or ingredients prevent stretch marks. Nor should other brands... There just isn’t enough evidence and you are right to be dubious of false marketing.

One really significant thing that you can do, is change the way you think about stretch marks. Learning to embrace your miraculous body. Re-framing beliefs and thoughts of imperfections towards acceptance and love, is almost an act of rebellion in our world obsessed with impossible beauty standards. So go easy, be gentle with yourself in this time. Mute people who trigger comparisonitis and remember our bodies are all different and are designed to change.

So why should you use a body oil if not to prevent stretch marks?

  • Relieve itchy or irritated skin.

Stretch marks can be painful and itchy for some people. This is why I’ve included Strawberry Seed Oil in our Belly and Body Oil, it’s been shown to relieve itchy and inflamed skin.

  • Nourish your skin- it’s your largest organ! And it extends beyond your face.

Scaly dry shins are a thing of the past. A body oil is a beautiful natural way to deliver active ingredients into deep layers of your skin and help it do its job – to grow and protect you.

  • It’s fast! We don’t have time to rub in the white filmy cast that body moisturisers create.

Our body oil is absorbed quickly into your skin, just how nature intended. We like our skincare routine as minimal and fuss free as our ingredients.

  • Self-care massage

For when you have a little extra time on your hands (literally), a sweet massage ritual – paying particular attention to your gorgeous body and the miracle it is. Incorporating an affirmation that you repeat (in your head or out loud) can also be a super beautiful way to incorporate body positivity into your life. Some of our fave TLC mantra’s (besides ‘I don’t want no scrubs’) are;

    • I love my body as it is today
    • I am beautiful just the way I am
    • I am grateful for my body and everything it allows me to do
  • It’s the more eco option*!
Now, this will be hotly contested. Hello body moisturisers in eco packaging we see you and we raise you our ALL sustainably sourced and zero waste ingredients, grown with minimal irrigation, 84% Australian, no pesticides, cold pressed and wrapped in eco packaging.
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